Since 2001, i am an active triathlete and i systematically train for triathlon events, having competed among others:

  • in 2 greek championship Olympic Distance Triathlons (Crete 2006, Athens 2007), competing for Nautical Club of Rhodes (ΝΟΡ)
  • in Island Games Olympic Distance Triathlon, in Rhodes (2007)
  • in 6 Half Ironman Triathlons
    1. Ironman Μονακό, France 2008
    2. Ironman Raperswill - Jona, Switzerland 2010
    3. Astroman 2012 (Peloponnese, Greece)
    4. Rodos 113 Challenge 2013
    5. Rodos 113 Challenge 2014
    6. Rodos 113 Challenge 2015
    7. Miraluna 113 Race 2016
  • in 3 Full Ironman Triathlons:
    1. Ironman Nice - France 2011
    2. Rodos 226 Challenge 2014
    3. Rodos 226 Challenge 2015
  • in Ocean Lava Rhodes 2017 Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • In several small triathlon, duathlon, swim, bike and run races.

All Rodos 113 Challenge and Rodos 226 Challenge races were organized in South Rhodes and i was a member of the organizing committee.

In 2011 i was a founding member of "Apollon Rhodes" Triathlon Club. In between 2010 - 2016 i volunteered in the organization of several triathlon and multisport events.

Since 2017 i am a member of Panathinaikos Cycling Team.

Since 2012 i am a self coached triathlete. I started studying the triathlon training bibliography, with the goal to be able to design my annual training schedule. I am now in the 5th year that i coach myself and it has proven to be an on going proccess with a big initial progress, several fallbacks and still a lot to learn. I also try to read the biographies of successful triathletes to gain access both to their small useful training tips and their mental training tactics. Every year i do small changes to my training plans and evaluate the results after the races.

In 2017 i attented and i was awarded with the IRONMAN Coaching Certification. Since then, i am a member of IRONMAN Coaches Association.